Neel Daniel

Download my 2010 album Blue Eyed Monkey from my Recordings page for free (or what you wish to pay). Of course you can purchase it at all the usual places such as iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby but I give music away for free to my friends. The full CD can be purchased for $1 US at Bandcamp as well. They would not allow zero dollars for the CD so it has to be a buck plus shipping.

You can select the quality of the download at Bandcamp and CD Baby. FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless), AAC, or Ogg Vorbis format at Bandcamp and FLAC and MP3 320 at CDBaby. The higher standard format of any kind is what I highly recommend if you go the download route and want something better than the standard MP3. Of course nothing beats the CD which can then be transfered to WAV or any of the nice formats above if it needs to be on a small device.

If you are looking for music to license for a project you are working on; company or school projects, vacation slideshows, wedding videos, family reunion videos, etc. you can license directly from me Here. Once Gemini is released you will have access to songs from that album too. For any song listed on the licensing site or on the albums, if you need the underscore (just the music with no vocals) I can provide that option to you if you request it through the contact form.

Of course as you can imagine I have videos over at YouTube.

We are currently mixing my second record called Gemini, which features my two brothers Brent and Jonathon along with Doug Bristol, Matt Shook, Jonny Hibbert, Pete Glase, Patrick Stirrat and Shala Sullivan Daniel making her recording debut. Quite the cast, and more information will be forthcoming soon.